Tennis Perfection In Southern California?


What Would Tennis Perfection In Southern California Look Like To Me?

Perfection would include people, places and programs that run the gamut of saturating the game with positive plans that utilize and involve the community in its entirety.

Let’s start with the people.

Advocates – People dedicated to protecting the courts in every one of the 66 largest cities in the section;

Officials – Certified officials and volunteer court monitors in every one of the 66 largest cities in Southern California;

Teachers & Coaches – A supply of qualified tennis teachers and coaches for all the schools and courts;

Players – All the courts and schoolyards full of players including Tournament Directors, League Captains, Area Coordinators & Volunteers – (As many of these wonderful people as needed);


Schools – Tennis After-School and/or in PE in every elementary, middle and high school; (each school will have a tennis team for boys and girls that play other school teams from elementary to high school and every community college and four-year college and university has Tennis On Campus;


Every court offers youth and adult programs to start playing our great sport. All courts offer youth and adult leagues and tournaments so that players may continue to play;


Tournaments – Level 4, 5, 6 and 7 junior tournaments and Play Days in every one of the 66 largest cities on a regular rotating basis so players and families may compete locally before moving to more difficult competition. (Adult tournaments in every one of the 66 largest cities offering innovative formats that are time-friendly and convenient for players and families.)


Junior Team Tennis, SCTA and USTA Adult League Tennis on all available courts in every one of the 66 largest cities;

Social Activities

Sip’n’Serve and Smart Ace Social Leagues introduce and welcome back young adults to tennis in every one of the 66 largest cities.


Workshops, seminars, online videos and town hall meetings about mannerly play and respect for opponents and the sport of tennis.

If there are other directions that the SCTA might want to take to achieve an ideal community to support tennis in positive ways, please let me know how you think it could be possible to achieve the objectives that are at the heart of SCTA’s programs by contacting me at


Bruce A. Hunt – Executive Director
Southern California Tennis Association


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