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A New Year’s Resolution



What’s a New Year’s Resolution that I wish all our USTA Southern California members would make and keep in 2017?

I hope that all members resolve to invite a friend, a family member, a neighbor or work associate to try tennis in 2017 because of all the wonderful benefits playing the sport brings to everyone in the game.  The following information explains what I mean.

Jack L. Groppel, Ph. D., provides 34 physical and psychological reasons for youth and adults to play tennis.  He summarizes why scientists and physicians around the world view tennis as the most healthful activity in which you can participate.


Download “34 Reasons Why To Play Tennis”.

Parents should be especially interested in their children playing tennis because of the benefits for players that the following chart lists including better grades, better behaviors, better citizens, and better health.


Does everyone need to learn from a certified teaching pro?  I don’t think you need to take a lesson from a pro to get started in tennis.  If you take a friend to a court or put up a pop-up net in the driveway, cul de sac or playground, you two can begin to rally without a lesson.  If the friend enjoys the experience of hitting the ball and moving on the court then get them to your local certified USPTA or PTR tennis professional for a group or private lesson.  Most of all, hit the ball with them and have fun.

With red, orange and green balls and smaller rackets, individuals of all ages can begin to play tennis and have fun almost immediately.  When a youth can rally, serve and keep score, I suggest he or she should sign up for the local Junior Team Tennis season.  There are ability levels so that a beginner starts at the appropriate level to have fun and fair competition with old and new friends.  Likewise for an adult, there are local adult leagues that provide fun competition and social networking.

The following charts present the same information in a different format but the message is still loud and clear: Tennis adds years to your life, and life to your years because of the physical, mental and social benefits of tennis.



Tennis is such fun that it should be very easy to practice one of the lessons that we all learned as we grew up, “Share!”  Your friend or colleague will thank you for sharing tennis with them in 2017.  If you need help finding a teaching pro, Junior Team Tennis or adult league location, please call me at 310.208.3339 or email me at

Bruce A. Hunt – Executive Director
Southern California Tennis Association

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  1. I am 75 and had heart surgery 1 1/2 years ago (triple by-pass and replace aortic valve.. I moved to Chula Vista and away from my regular partners. I would like to play in the morning, say 7:00 or 7:30. Or, evenings 5:30 or so. Would need a court with lights.
    I also enjoy doubles. My level of play before heart surgery was 3.5 but now I would probably work hard just to stay in a 3.0

  2. Excellent article. Going to share it with our students and their parents


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