What I Would Like To Know About Senior Tennis Players

Rallying With The Executive Director

SportsmanshipIf I were shooting the breeze with a group of tennis players over 50, here’s what I’d like to discover.

  • How did you learn to play tennis?
  • Do you have non-tennis-playing friends who would like to learn how to play tennis?
  • Would you play tennis with an orange or red ball on a smaller court for fun?
  • Would your friends consider learning how to play tennis with an orange or red ball on a smaller court?
  • Do other members of your family play tennis?
  • How could they be encouraged to start playing if they don’t already?
  • What keeps you excited about playing tennis?
  • What would help you play tennis more often?

If you’d like to share your answers, please e-mail your responses to me at bhunt@scta.usta.com or fax them to (310) 824-7691. You can also mail them to me at

  • SCTA
    P.O. Box 240015
    Los Angeles, CA 90024-9115

Thanks for sharing,

Bruce A. Hunt – Executive Director
Southern California Tennis Association

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