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What Do I Say In A Farewell Column?


Thank you is on the top of my list of things to say and the thanks go to so many people.  First, I want to thank the Presidents of the SCTA and the Board of Directors that have employed me and given me the opportunity to fill the role of Executive Director for the SCTA.  We have been a very good team.

Bruce-Hunt-233x300Second, I want to thank the volunteers that have served on the SCTA Committees and as advocates and champions for tennis in their local communities.  There is not enough money to pay all the staff that would be necessary to do everything needed for tennis in SoCal and that’s why volunteers are so vital.  Without volunteers, tennis would not be as vibrant as it is in SoCal.  Empty and run down courts is a sign that the neighborhood or community needs a strong local volunteer group to oversee the care of tennis.

Next, thanks go to the tennis coaches and teachers, officials, club owners, managers and parents who make tennis possible through their many hours of dedication to players and events.  All of you make up the necessary parts of a successful tennis pipeline in Southern California.  As long as the pipeline connects youth and adults to community tennis courts then tennis will remain vital and healthy in to the future.

Then I want to thank my colleagues on the SCTA and USTA National staff with whom I have had the privilege to work since August 2013.  Together we have made changes to how we conducted the business of tennis in Southern California.  We have created an outward looking organization which has the goals of providing first class customer service and tennis programs, and getting and keeping Southern Californians engaged in tennis.  Evidence of our success has been the change from 7th to 5th largest USTA Section since 2013 when I arrived.

Finally, thank you to all the youth and adult members of the USTA that play, coach, parent and mentor in our sport.  There are many documented physical, mental and social benefits of tennis that make our sport an easy sale if we make tennis times and places to play convenient and affordable.

Now that I’ve said my thanks I realize that all that’s left to say is that I hope to see all of you again soon when I am playing a league or a tournament and attending tennis events in SoCal.  Cheers!

Bruce A. Hunt – Executive Director
Southern California Tennis Association

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