UTR Comes To Junior Tennis

This year changes have been made to Southern California Tennis Association’s junior competition seeding for tournaments. The Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) system utilizes match data and not rounds achieved – known as Points Per Round – in computing a player’s ranking.  The system, which considers individual match results – the scores and the opponent, not the round in the tournament that was achieved – allows Tournament Directors a clearer view of the competitors’ abilities.

UTR-1.0-logoAfter much analysis, the Points Per Round (PPR) system was deemed not to provide a fully accurate picture of a player’s ability. The decision has been made that for the remainder of 2016 junior tournament seedings* at Level 1 through Level 4 events, will utilize the following criteria:

  • Southern California Standings List
  • Universal Tennis Rating
  • USTA Rating System

*Seeding is the system that is used to identify the top players participating in a draw so that they do not meet in the early rounds of a tournament. The top seed is the player that the tournament committee (Tournament Director, Tournament Referee, Director of Junior Tennis, Junior Competition Chair) deems the strongest competitor in the event. (It is not a standing or ranking.)

(It is possible that a player may be seeded higher/lower than the Southern California Standing, based on the above factors.)

For more information regarding the Universal Tennis Rating system, please CLICK HERE or paste http://blog.universaltennis.com/2016/03/27/ending-the-luck-of-the-draw/ in your browser.

Any questions about junior seeding should be directed to Trevor Kronemann, Director of Junior Tennis at tkronemann@scta.usta.com

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  1. Good decision, Trevor. See also my article in the current issue of Tennis Club Business: https://t.e2ma.net/message/cnk2p/klkj8g


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