“Sportsmanship Is…”

It is great to start the New Year 2018 with our “Sportsmanship Is…” campaign, See TEAM play, and Innovation right out of the gate, starting with Junior Team Tennis (JTT) Orange Ball Divisions in the Sectional Championships and the 2nd Annual Bryan Twins Doubles Race!

After a hectic tennis schedule last year, January brings a lot of excitement to our section and the tennis world.

On a global stage we crown the first Grand Slam Champions for 2018, but on home soil, the USTA Junior Winter National Champions will be crowned in Arizona and Florida, along with champions of the 1st Annual Bryan Twins Doubles, Sectional Fall Junior Team Tennis, Sectional Satellite Master Champions Crowned, 3rd Annual Level 1 Henry Talbert, and USTA National Level 3s throughout the country. To top it off from a competitive standpoint, Fullerton Level 2 will get underway to kick us off into February and the march towards spring is on.

One of the anticipated events of the young year occurred during the first week of the calendar with the ever popular JTT Player Party at the Rancho Las Palmas Resort on Saturday night January 6, 2018. After competing all day against each other, the coaches and players congregated for a night of dinner, dancing, and socializing. The TEAM atmosphere is alive and kicking. The JTT Program is something that all should participate in and the strength and success truly shines on this evening where 80+ Teams and 900+ players converge on Indian Wells. For the first time in JTT history, an Orange Ball Division competed for a Sectional Championship.

JTT 2017 Picture

The TEAM aspect will continue as we announce the winners of the first Bryan Twins Doubles Race in each age division. Winner’s names will be placed on a perpetual trophy that will be presented in early 2018.

Lastly, some of our summer teams will start to take shape with the singles champions of the Henry Talbert and Fullerton Level 2. Each winner in the Boys and Girls 18s, 16s and 14s will receive a bid to represent the SCTA in competitions like the Intersectional Championships and Maze Cup. Visit www.socaljuniortennis.com for anything and everything related to Junior Tennis.

Champions Crowned Trophy Table

Happy Healthy New Year! Off to the races and making the SCTA the best section in the USTA. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone of the staff members in the Junior Department if you have any ideas and/or concerns on how to make us all better stewards of Junior Tennis in 2018.

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  1. Great to see strong Sportsmanship continue in our great sport.

    Keep it up…all of us.

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