If The Southern California Tennis Association Was A Political party, What Would Its Platform Be? 

Rallying With The Executive Director

Plank 1: Tennis is the game of choice when Southern Californians play.  Why: This is the vision statement of the SCTA.  We want tennis to be the most popular game that people want to play with family members, friends and colleagues.

SCTA-PlanksPlank 2: To get and keep Southern Californians engaged in tennis.  Why: This is the mission statement of the SCTA.  We want to find a place for all Southern Californians in tennis as players, parents, coaches, teachers, officials, team captains and managers, spectators, facility managers and owners, and event producers.

Plank 3: Service, excellence, innovation, inclusiveness, passion, integrity and accountability.  Why: These are the values to which the SCTA volunteers and staff aspire.

Plank 4: Tennis in every school via P.E. and/or after-school enrichment programs.  Why: The future of our sport and our future champions lie in our youth.  If we miss a generation of youth, we risk losing our sport.

Plank 5: Local tournaments for youth and adults using half-day and one-day formats in age groups or skill levels. Why: The convenience of local play and player-friendly formats will promote successful entry into tennis.

Plank 6: Skill-based levels of play for youth and adults.  Why: NTRP, Universal Tennis Ratings and Serve Stroke and Volley rating levels guide players to appropriate levels of play so that competition is fair and progressive to assist with player development.

Plank 7: Junior Team Tennis in every city like baseball, basketball, soccer and football.  Why: Most youth want to engage in activities with their friends.

Plank 8: Advocates in every city.  Why: Our tennis facilities need protecting and programming to be secure and sustainable.

Plank 9: Officials in every city.  Why: Tennis needs rule-keepers to help teach respect for the game wherever tennis is played.

Plank 10: Sportsmanship expected from players, parents, family members and friends.  Why: That’s the environment that will attract and retain participants and in which we wish to play.

Plank 11: Coaches and teachers using Red-Orange-Green-Yellow balls, rackets and court sizes for all youth and adult players at appropriate skill levels.  Why: To make it easier for all ages to learn tennis and develop their skills and to retain them in tennis for life.

Plank 12: Tennis facilities partnering with neighborhood schools and businesses to promote play.  Why: Tennis is a social sport and we need to be part of the community for tennis to thrive and grow.

Bruce A. Hunt
Executive Director-Southern California Tennis Association


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