Engage And Keep People Involved In Tennis

Rallying With The Executive Director

The SCTA’s Mission Is To Engage And Keep People Involved In Tennis

How Does The Southern California Tennis Association Do It?

 Like all businesses, the SCTA has a product. It is quite obviously tennis. It has been well documented that the game is good for physical, mental and social development. We have a great product available for customers. The “stores” where people can find and “buy” the products are the tennis courts such as city parks and recreation courts; schools, colleges and university courts; public clubs; private clubs; and the mega-court locations such as Indian Wells Tennis Garden.

Engage In TennisThere are many “brands” of tennis available. The USTA products include Adult leagues and Junior Team Tennis, Adult and Junior tournaments, Tennis On Campus (TOC), Sip’N Serve, and TGA After-School tennis. Many locations have their own local leagues or tournaments, clinics, lessons and other activities. Where there are none available, the SCTA offers programs.

Tennis has jobs for coaches, teaching pros, owners, managers, staff, officials, parents and volunteers. It takes a wide variety of input to enable the tennis pipeline to connect the people to the courts.

The SCTA faces the same challenges that all businesses face. How does it create awareness? And then, how does it get people to try the tennis products that are available? That’s where marketing comes in and that is a major initiative for the SCTA in 2016. Several methods are being considered to entice consumers to the courts. Utilizing direct mail, print advertising, social media and e-mail notices can easily serve as a coordinated effort to attract new participants.

The SCTA wants all the “stores” to be successful. That’s why the organization is partnering with “stores” this year to offer programs such as, “Tennis in 10” to teach adults how to play. If your “court store” would like to participate in a program aimed at bringing new adults to the game, contact me at bhunt@scta.usta.com or by phone (310) 208-3838, Ext. 240.

The SCTA is also working with cities in order to operate low or no-cost tennis programs on public courts, as well as schools that don’t have such offerings. Please contact me if you would like information about the opportunities in Southern California.

The SCTA will achieve its mission this year if more customer foot traffic and buyers are taking advantage of all tennis court stores have to offer.

Please let me know what you think about the approaches that have been discussed.

Bruce A. Hunt
Executive Director – Southern California Tennis Association

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2 Responses

  1. Bruce,

    I work through multiple sites instructing. What is USTA able to do to assist in marketing for municipal public sites?

    Kind regards,

    Todd Granius

  2. Todd,
    We are testing a pilot program of marketing tactics to drive more business to specific courts in the testing area. What is your area? Perhaps your area could be a test site if your sites are located close enough together.

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