What Is A “Forward Stance” Forehand?

John Letts

John Letts

Everyone has heard about the closed stance, open-stance, and semi-open stances for hitting forehands . . . so why is no one talking about the “forward stance” forehand.

With the forward stance, the right leg of the player sets up in front of the left foot of the player.  The player pushes up and forward through the right leg bringing the body weight forward in the direction of the intended target.

Using the forward stance forward allows players to cut off the angle of incoming cross court shots allowing maximum aggressiveness and also providing an easy path to the net.

John Letts
Arcadia Tennis & iTennis

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks John. Any thing to get players pushing off there back foot.
    Two Big Reasons
    1. Potential hip and knee hyper extension and wrist injuries.
    2. The Forward Stance takes time away from your opponent.

    Thanks.. Jimbo would thank you.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I will try it out tomorrow.

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