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member-orgHow can the SCTA help the USTA clubs and facilities get and keep more Southern Californians engaged in tennis?  Thanks for all you are doing to keep your courts full of players.  Here are some mid-year suggestions for how to grow the game and make lives better through tennis.

Adopt the schools in your neighborhood: Provide tennis in every elementary, middle and high school during PE or after-school on campus for 6-8 weeks every term.  Then offer an open house for the kids at your facility so the parents can sign them up for clinics, lessons, junior team tennis, and half-day tournaments.  Once you have the parents at your facility, offer them play opportunities.  This is a sure fire way to develop business and ensure your future success.

Keep the young players connected to tennis:  Offer the First Year Free USTA membership to all your 10 and under players so they feel part of the sport.

If you send the completed forms to the SCTA office, our staff will input the information in the USTA system.  Every youth member receives Bounce magazine and other membership benefits during the free membership.

Tennis needs more officials:  Encourage all players 19 and over to consider becoming a certified USTA official.  Any interested individual can contact me by email at bhunt@scta.usta.com for information about the online courses and the steps to become certified.

Use Red and Orange balls and 36’ and 60’ courts to attract new players:  If you introduce new youth and adult players to tennis using the slower red and orange balls on the smaller courts, they will learn the game faster and have more fun sooner.   This will make the transition to green and yellow balls on the full court more enjoyable.  Older players are turning to pickleball to keep active.  Hold a social for your older players and encourage them to play orange ball on the 60’ court with prizes for winning doubles teams.  They may find orange tennis superior to pickleball.

Tournament Directors should use SERVY:  A new texting service called SERVY can make communicating with your tournament players very easy when you need to advise the participants of scheduling, traffic or weather issues.  For more information about SERVY, email me at bhunt@scta.usta.com and I will introduce you to the SERVY team.  SERVY is not an SCTA service but an independent product.  The SCTA tested it during the recent Junior Sectional Championship Tournament and it was very well received by players and parents.

Encourage players to attend WTT and collegiate matches:  Watching pro and collegiate matches is a great way to inspire yourself and younger players.  Sponsor a group to attend SD Aviators and Orange County Breakers WTT matches this summer and local collegiate matches.  That’s a sure fire way to inspire players to play more and take clinics and lessons to get better.  The social nature of attending matches with other players helps with retention in the sport and at your facility, too.

Bruce A. Hunt
Executive Director – Southern California Tennis Association

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