How Can You Help Us Help Kids?


How can you help the Southern California Tennis Association Foundation help kids?

The SCTA Foundation (SCTAF) was established to raise funds to enable underprivileged youngsters to participate in the National Junior Tennis League (NJTL), a program run by the SCTA which provided supervised tennis instruction and special programs to youngsters. Over the years, NJTL began to broaden its mission by combining education with tennis and changed its name to National Junior Tennis and Learning, keeping the initials NJTL. The annual budget to fund nearly 50 year-round and 150 summer-only NJTL sites is almost $350,000. The expenses include coach and instructor fees, equipment, court time, special events and refreshments for about 10,000 youth.

The SCTAF has also expanded its mission by supporting high school tennis and other programs that help keep youth occupied during summer time out of school. In addition, the SCTAF offers grants to financially challenged junior players who need assistance to attend summer tennis camps or pay for tennis equipment and coaching fees. The SCTAF annual support for these initiatives is approximately $30,000.

The SCTA had a luncheon earlier this year for some of the NJTL participants and grant recipients with the SCTAF Board Directors. The youth and their parents were invited to talk about what receiving the grant or participating in the NJTL program meant to them. We heard some great stories and it has inspired the SCTAF to do more. That’s where you can help.
If you love tennis and believe that tennis can make lives better, please consider making a donation to the SCTAF to support NJTL or the grants for players. This will help the SCTAF reach more kids that need help with the expenses of tennis or NJTL. Any amount will go directly to support the programs. We have a link on the NJTL page of our website that will allow you to donate online through PayPal or you may send a check payable to
the SCTAF at P.O. Box 240015, Los Angeles, CA 90024-9115, Attention: Bruce A. Hunt, Executive Director.

If making a current gift is not possible now, please consider naming the SCTAF as a beneficiary of your estate and making a planned gift to help the youth in the future. Please notify me if you name the SCTAF in your will so that we can recognize your generosity and include you in future luncheons and receptions with the SCTAF.

We appreciate your generosity and whatever you can do to help more kids enjoy tennis – a financial gift or a gift of your volunteer time to help with a program – will be very rewarding for the kids and you. Thank you.

Bruce A. Hunt – Executive Director
Southern California Tennis Association

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