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How Is The SCTA Growing The Tennis Pipeline In 2015?

Rallying With The Executive Director The SCTA staff is focused on the sixty-six largest metropolitan areas in SoCal and we are making a list of where we have tennis programs… Read more »

Bruce Hunt

How Would An SCTA Tennis Factory Running At 100% Look?

 Rallying With The Executive Director  I believe that the SCTA tennis factory would run three production lines at the same time: the youth tennis line, the adult tennis line and… Read more »

What Can USTA Southern California Learn From A Beverage Company?

Rallying With The Executive Director What Can USTA Southern California – Southern California Tennis Association (SCTA) – Learn From A Beverage Company? Beverages come in several flavors because consumers like… Read more »


Why Pickleball? Why Not Red, Orange Or Green Ball Tennis?

Rallying With The Executive Director  At a time when the tennis industry faces challenges from interests who want to use tennis courts as sites for street hockey, soccer, skate boarding… Read more »

Bruce Hunt

Why Is 2015 Going To Be The Year Of The Route 66 Tennis Pipeline?

I am borrowing the name from the title of a popular TV-series in the ‘60s about one of the original roads in the U.S. highway system.  The highway was called… Read more »

Bruce Hunt

What Is A Store On The Tennis Pipeline?

A sporting goods store or a pro shop connected to tennis courts is the traditional image of a tennis store.  A store on the tennis pipeline is a little different. … Read more »

What Is The Southern California Tennis Association (SCTA) Doing To Grow The Tennis Pipeline In The Youth Market?

The SCTA uses two strategies to grow the youth tennis pipeline.  Our first effort is led by Melanie Bischoff, Director of Community Tennis.  She supervises our staff that reaches out… Read more »

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