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Ninos de NJTL


SCTA NJTL: Programa nacional de aprendizaje de tenis!  El principal objetivo de este programa es dar a los niños y niñas una oportunidad para obtener experiencia y crecimiento personal a… Read more »

RAMP at Leapwood

RAMP Tennis PE Celebration at Leapwood Elementary!

RAMP UP N LEAP Tennis recently held a PE celebration at Leapwood school. RAMP volunteers and friends, including the LA Galaxy Star Squad, traveled to Leapwood and brought tennis, soccer, hit for… Read more »


One of Tennis’ Greatest but Forgotten Champions

During this year’s Cinco de Mayo celebration, community organizations across the United States will commemorate the 87th birthday of the late Richard “Pancho” Gonzalez. Born on May 9, 1928. Gonzalez’s… Read more »

Tina Karwasky Photo Carolyn Nichols

The Soul Of A Champion

“My one tennis book was very, very old.  It had a picture of Bill Tilden.  I looked at the picture and that was how I learned to hold the racquet,”… Read more »