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Diet Is The Key To Success For Top Athletes Like Djokovic

By Lisa Thomas It is well known that Novak Djokovic adheres to a vegan diet and that his efforts over the last few years to change the way he eats… Read more »


BEYOND THE SCORE: Take Time To Say Thank You

BEYOND THE SCORE by Lisa Thomas This week I was lucky enough to be invited to a very nice event that honored the efforts of some extraordinary people in our… Read more »

Fed from Instagram 1-28-17

Falling In Love With the Game of Tennis

BEYOND THE SCORE By Lisa Thomas It is hard not to fall in love with the game of tennis.  It’s a smart, traditional and stylish sport and it offers its… Read more »


Federer a Master at Managing Pressure

BEYOND THE SCORE By Lisa Thomas Chrissie Evert once said that, “Feeling pressure means you are human.” The seasoned player was commenting on the apparent nerves being displayed by Angelique… Read more »


There’s So Much To Love About Australia

BEYOND THE SCORE By Lisa Thomas The Australian Open in the great city of Melbourne is set to kick off on Monday.  Already the courts down under are heating up… Read more »


Playing Tennis Can Increase Your Lifespan

Beyond The Score / By Lisa Thomas We have all been told many times that exercise is good for our health.  It now seems that certain sports can have a… Read more »


Beyond the Score: Take a Tip from Djokovic and Get Your Sleep

By Lisa Thomas One aspect of a healthy lifestyle that often gets overlooked and undervalued is sleep. But a healthy lifestyle involves a dedication to sleep as much as it… Read more »


Beyond the Score: Enjoying the Holidays With Good Food and Drink

By Lisa Thomas While most professional tennis players take a break for the Holidays, few really let themselves go all out with the festivities because the hard truth is that… Read more »


Beyond The Score: SoCal Tennis Players Have Much To Be Thankful For

By Lisa Thomas As one of my friends comes out of surgery on her elbow, another spends the next few days recovering from knee surgery. Especially at this time of… Read more »


Beyond The Score: Concussions a Serious Issue Even In Tennis

By Lisa Thomas A couple of weeks ago I managed to give myself a concussion playing tennis.  Chasing down a well-placed lob into the back corner of the court I… Read more »


Beyond the Score: Crowding Out the Bad Stuff

By Hannah Holladay Living holistically means that all parts of the self are taken care of. A holistic approach is checking in with each area of your life and finding… Read more »


Beyond The Score: Tennis Equals Family Time

By Lisa Thomas As a mother of two active teenage daughters I know too well the demands of club and school sports.  When your kids are in their sports’ season… Read more »


Beyond the Score: A Balanced and Healthy Approach to What We Eat

By Lisa Thomas The Williams sisters are now vegan.  Djokovic is gluten free.  Rafael Nadal does not eat chocolate or does he? Headlines abound around what the professional tennis players… Read more »


Beyond the Score: Tips to Staying Cool On Those Hot Days

By Lisa Thomas Last week Southern California felt more like summer than early fall thanks to Santa Ana winds and triple-digit temperatures. And for those of us on the tennis… Read more »


Beyond the Score: We Can Learn A Lot From Venus

By Lisa Thomas In reading the three-page spread on Venus Williams in the August 28 New York Times, Sunday Styles section I learned a lot about her as a business… Read more »


Beyond the Score: Easy To See Why US Open Is Fans Attendance Leader

By Lisa Thomas Take a guess at what is the most highly attended sporting event in the world. Maybe you’re thinking Super Bowl, Indy 500 or perhaps the Kentucky Derby. … Read more »


Beyond the Score: Trying New Training Techniques

By Lisa Thomas It is easy to see that the all-time greatest Olympian takes into consideration more than the technical skill required in the pool and looks at different aspects… Read more »


Beyond The Score: Tips To Success From a League Captain

By Lisa Thomas I’ve been a tennis league player for about 10 years now.  For most of those seasons of play my friend Paula has been my team’s league captain. … Read more »

New Doug

Beyond the Score: Fitzgerald Helps You Make the Right Call

By Lisa Thomas Few things can spoil a good tennis league match or even a social hit with friends more than a misunderstanding about the rules, or a perceived bad… Read more »


Beyond The Score: We Can Learn A Lot From Watching Big Wimbledon Matches

By Lisa Thomas As players we can learn a lot from the last few days of Wimbledon.  The men’s quarter and semifinals were in large part an exercise in perseverance… Read more »

Steve Johnson of USA in action at the Australian Open, Melbourne, 2015

Beyond The Score: There’s Nothing Like Wimbledon’s Traditions

By Lisa Thomas Many would call The Championships at Wimbledon the most prestigious tennis in the world. Or, some may suggest one of the greatest sporting event on the annual… Read more »

Junior Tennis Parents

Beyond The Score: Sound Advice For Junior Tennis Parents

By Kamala Nellen The 2016 Southern California Junior Sectional Tennis Championships are here! More than likely, you as a parent are feeling the stress right alongside your athlete. You have… Read more »