Beyond The Score


Beyond the Score: Staying Focused Under Pressure

By Kamala Nellen We are heading into the 2016 Southern California Junior Sectional Tennis Championships in June. Perhaps you want to garner a scholarship for college or you aspire to… Read more »

Improve Your Game

Bob Hochstadter

The Great Equalizer (The Lob)

I’m often asked, what the most important shot is in to have in doubles. The obvious things that come to mind are a strong serve, great volleys and good consistent… Read more »

Rallying With The ED

USTA Southern California

What If All Tennis Players Were USTA Members?

That would mean that the USTA would have 17,960,000 members because that is how many tennis players there were in 2015 according to the Physical Activity Council (PAC) Annual Participation… Read more »

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